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      1. 德育方法学校管理学习方法孩子培养学校规章家庭教育幼教早教学校总结教学论文教育论文学校活动学生作文招生培训招聘教师投稿

        高三英语集体备课讲学稿 12/9/2011 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        M3 U2 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        一、Integrating skills k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Passage A(Reading) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        English is a language with many ____________ rules. Before the middle of the 5th ____________, people in __________ all spoke Celtic. Then three Germanic tribes from the European mainland and the Vikings from the Scandinavian countries invaded Britain. They ________ what we now call Old English. As a result, many pairs of words and phrases have ___________ meanings in English. After the Normans conquered England, French was spoken in this country together with English, which ___________ in even more pairs of similar words.k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        _________ English included many Latin and Greek words. ___________ also underwent huge changes. It is certain that this _________ will continue, and people will keep ___________ new words and new ways to say things. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        2、Passage B(Project) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        The Chinese language _________from many Western languages in that it uses _________which have meanings and can stand ________as words. Chinese people invented numerous characters to _________ideas, objects or actions. There is a ________that says that a man named Cang Jie invented Chinese writing. Some characters have been _________and others have been developed from _________into _________forms. The pictograph for a mountain was ________three peaks together. This became one peak and three lines and ___________turned into the character used today. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        二.词形转换 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1.reflect vt.→__________(n.) 2.confuse vt. →__________(adj.) →__________(n) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        3.conquer v.→__________(n.) 4.simplify vt. →_________(adj.) →_________(n.) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        5.invade v. →__________(n.) 6.create vt.→__________(adj.) →__________(n.) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        7.pronounce v.→__________(n.) 8.represent vt. →_________(n.) →_________(adj.) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        9.indicate vt.→__________(n.) 10.different adj. →__________(vi)→__________(n.) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        三、Important sentences k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1、 The language______ ______(由---组成)an Anglo-Saxon base plus words from the languages of Denmark and Norway. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        2、Many factors_________ _______(起促成作用)the development of this new type of English. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        3、Despite the fact, French still______ ______ _______ ______(对---有影响)the English language. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        4、By the latter half of the 14th century, English_______ _____ _______(被采用)all classes in England. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        5、But the question is______ _______(如果---怎样?)I still cannot understand the meanings. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        6、He_______ ______ _______(制定一项标准)for how people were to speak English。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        7、Traveling to Beijing_______ _______(占用了) a lot of time. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        8、_________ ________(并非所有的)characters are used to describe objects. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        9、The Chinese language differs from many Western languages_______ _______(因为)it uses characters which have meanings and can stand alone as words. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        四、Multiple choices k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1、 We had to wait half an hour _______ we had already booked a table. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. despite B. although C. until D. before k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        2、 Great changes have taken place in that school. It is no longer _____ it was 20 years ago, when it was so poorly equipped. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. what B. that C. why D. which k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        3、 He was born in Beijing and _____ in Shanghai. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. rose B. raised C. brought D. lifted k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        4、 Many foreigners find the Chinese customs rather ______. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. confuse B. to confuse C. confused D. confusing k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        5、 He is always working very hard. It is ___ that he will pass the college entrance examination. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. sure B. certain C. surely D. certainly k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        6、 In Britain today, women _______ 44% of the workforce. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. take up B. pick up C. make up D. give up k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        7、 Papermaking began in China and from here it _______ to North Africa and Europe. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
         A. spread B. promised   C. accessed D. developed k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        8、 ---Nancy is not coming tonight. ---But she________! k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. promises B. promised C. will promise D. had promised k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        9、 She has successfully _____ a career with bringing up a family. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. joined B. connected C. managed D. combined k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        10、 _____ in the regulations that you should not tell other people the password of your e-mail account. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. What is required B. What requires C. It is required D. It requires k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        I 重点短语 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        throughout(+ place / time) ~ the country / the night k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1. all over + place ~ the country k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        all through + time ~ the yeark2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        ~ CCTV news收听中央电视台新闻 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ~ the passengers接乘客 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        . pick up ~ English学英语 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        2. ~ a wallet on the ground 捡起地上的钱包 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ~ the information(偶然地)得到那个消息 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        pick out 选择;分辨出k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        contribute …to… ①把……捐给…… contribute a lot of money to the charity k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ②投稿……给…… contribute some assays to a magazine k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        contribute to ①对……有贡献、有助于 Proper exercise contributes to good k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        3. health k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ②是……的原因之一 Careless driving contributed to this accident. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        make a contribution to 对……有贡献k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网


        obey / break the rule k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        as a rule 一般说来、通常 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        4. rule make it a rule to do sth. = make a rule of doing sth. 规定有做某事的习惯 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        under the rule of k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        by rule 按规定地 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        rule out 排除……k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        ①举起 ~ your hand / a box k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ②提高(音量、价格、程度等) ~ the standard of living/ one’s voice/ the bus k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Fares k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        5. raise ③种植(农作物等)、饲养(家禽等)、抚养(子女)~ wheat/ sheep/ five children k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ④筹集(资金)~ money k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ⑤唤起、引起 ~ a few laughs / fears k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ⑥提出(问题等)~ a questionk2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        adopt ①采取、采纳 ~ a new teaching method / one’s idea k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        6. ②收养(某人) They are not my real parents, I am adopted. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        adapt ① ~ (oneself) to 适应…… k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ②adapt sth (for sth) 改编……(为……之用) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        7. be made up of = consist of = be composed of 由……组成k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        8. despite = in spite of 后接短语 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        though / although 后接从句k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        9. process [U,C]过程、程序 the ~ of development / making cake k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        in (the) process of在进行中k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        n. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        depend on + sb. to do sth. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        it that-clause k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        wh-从句 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        You can’t depend on him to come on time. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        10. = You can’t depend on his coming on time. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        = You can’t depend on it that he will come on time. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        It (all) depends. = That (all) depends. (口语)那得看情况(而定)。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        be dependent on 视……而定、取决于…… k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        promise sb. sth. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        promise to do sth. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        promise that -clause k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        make a promise k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        11. promise = give a promise 许下诺言 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        keep / break a promise 守/违约 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        carry out a promise 履行诺言 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        promise (to be) +名词或形容词 : 有望…… k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        12. difficulty n. 作抽象意义时[U]; 作具体意义[C]。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        with difficulty ; without difficulty k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        get / run into difficulties k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        out of a / the difficulty ; in a difficulty k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        在下列句型中,difficulty总是看作不可数名词: k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        have some [much , little ,no] difficulty (in) doing sth. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        find some [much , little ,no] difficulty (in) doing sth. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        There be difficulty (in) doing sth.k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        care about 关心、在乎 (常用于否定、疑问或条件句中);后接从句时about要省略。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        13. care for 关心、照料、喜欢、愿意(用于肯定句、疑问句中,不用被动) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        care to do sth.想要、愿意 (用于否定句、疑问句)k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        ①[U] 接近……的机会 Every student has free ~ to the library. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        14. access ②[U] 通道 This is the only ~ to the village. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ③[U] (向场所等)接近 ~ to the cinema is quite easy.k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        ①指行动的总称是不可数名词 What we need now is ~, not thought. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ②指具体的一次或一种“行为”、“行动”时是可数名词。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        He has done a mad ~ recently. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        15. action ~s speak louder than words. 事实胜于雄辩;行动胜于空谈 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ③take action 采取行动 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ④in action在起作用;活动中 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ⑤put… in/ into action把……付诸实施k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        as a whole 表示把某事或某几件事当作一整体来看。即可作状语,也可作定语。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        We must examine these problems ~. 我们把这些问题作为一个整体来考察。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        16. That was her final judgment on the story ~. 这就是她对整个故事的最后判断。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        on the whole = considering everything; general “总的说来”、“大体上”。一般作状语。~, I’m in favor of the idea.大体说来,我赞成这个想法。k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        ①朝……的方向 要用in … direction, 介词用in,不用to。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ②“在……的帮助下”要说with the help of…; k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        17. direction 但“在……指导下”要说 under the direction of k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ③作“指示”、“命令”、“吩咐”时,常用pl. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        II 重点句型 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1. It is certain that we would not be able to understand it if we heard it today. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        2. Despite/ In spite of this fact, French still had an impact on the English language k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        3. As a whole, the characters have developed from drawings into standard forms. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        4. It happened that my new neighbor comes from my hometown. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        【题例精析】 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        【例1】 He had to earn enough money to ______ his big family. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. feed B. raise k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. rise D. support k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        【例2】 Many people in the west make _____ a rule to buy Christmas presents for their relatives and friends. (2007泰州4月模拟卷) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. this B. it k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. that D. them k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        单项填空 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1. Don’t worry. You’ll ________ after such a bad disease. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. take up B. pick up C. put up D. give up k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        2. — If he works harder, he ________ to succeed in science. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        —Yes. He is _______ diligent than clever. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. hopes; much more B. wishes; no more k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. promises; more D. will be able; rather k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        3. This test ____ a number of multiple choice questions. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. is consisted of B. consists of C. composes of D. is made of k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        4. She ______ five hens and _______them three times a day. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. raises; fed B. raised; raised C. fed; fed D. fed; raised k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        5. ―Are you leaving this weekend or next Monday? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ―That _______ the weather. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. is depended on B. is relied on C. depends on D. relies on k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        6. There is no need to leave a tip. Service ______ in the bill. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. includes B. is included C. is contained D. contains k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        7. _______, the meeting was a success. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. On whole B. As a whole C. As the whole D. On the whole k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        8. Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have _______ in the last six months. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. added B. jumped C. raised D. gathered k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        9. _______ high price, demand for this new type of family cars is still very high. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. Thanks to B. Because of C. In case of D. Despite k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        10. For the whole year the nation, struck by unwanted war, was in a ______ of grief and indignation. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. situation B. position C. condition D. state k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        11. There is a small group of words which even some native speakers and writers of English find ______. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. confusing B. confused C. to confuse D. being confused k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        12. Eating too much fat _____ heart trouble and causes high blood pressure. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. attended to B. adopts to C. contributes to D. relates to k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        13. With the development of science and technology, the _____ of living has become higher than ever. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. pattern B. style C. model D. standard k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        14. ― Would you please lend me some money? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        ― Sorry. It ________ that I didn’t have any extra money with me. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. happened B. looked C. turned D. appeared k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        15. The twin brothers are similar ________ they both like swimming. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. except that B. in that C. in which D. so thatk2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        完形填空 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Clint Eastwood will receive the Directors Guild of America’s (DGA, 美国导演协会) highest honor, the lifetime achievement award, at a Hollywood ceremony in January. That is, 16 golden statuette (小塑像) will 17 Clint Eastwood. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Eastwood has won four Oscars - 18 two for best direction, for 1993’s Unforgiven and 2005’s Million Dollar Baby - and is regarded 19 the greatest active American film-maker of his 20 without question. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        “As one of 21 prolific, versatile 22 in the history of 23 , there isn’t a genre that Clint Eastwood hasn’t mastered in the more than 25 films he has directed over the past 35 years,” DGA president Michael Apted 24 , “His ongoing body of work continues to touch generations of moviegoers and bring 25 into movie theatres. He does it all with great class, intelligence and style.” k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Eastwood’s 26 skills are clear in all his works 27 include 28 critical and commercial successes as Mystic River, The Bridges of Madison County, Play Misty for Me, and his 29 Oscar-winning 30 , and it would take a brave person to bet against him expanding his collection of 31 statuettes. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        He recently wrapped filming on Flogs of Our Fathers, an emotionally charged account of the six soldiers who raised the US 32 at the critical 33 __battle of Iwo Jima (硫磺岛). The film is expected to open towards the end of 2006 in a calculated move to position it as a strong awards 34 . k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        The DGA ceremony is set 35 on January 28, 2006. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        16. A. more B. another C. extra D. else k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        17. A. belong to B. belong C. have D. be had k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        18. A. consist of B. consisted C. including D. included k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        19. A. as B. which C. for D. with k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        20. A. aged B. generation C. history D. company k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        21. A. mostly B. most C. a most D. the most k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        22. A. makers B. actors C. directors D. pianists k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        23. A. a commercial B. the commercial C. medium D. the medium k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        24. A. added, saying B adding, said C. said, adding D. said. added k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        25. A. views B. huge viewers C. a large audience D. huge audience k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        26. A. praiseworthy B. praise C. praiseful D. praised k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        27. A. / B. which C. it D. that k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        28. A. such B. so C. quite D. very k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        29. A. six B. two C. five D. seven k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        30. A. films B. plays C. TV plays D. music k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        31. A. golden B. silver C. copper D. glass k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        32. A. flag B. hands C. caps D. guns k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        33. A. Iraq War B. War of Independence C. Second World War D. First World War k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        34. A. director B. competitor C. artist D. film-maker k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        35. A. occur B. happening C. take place D. to take place k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        阅读理解 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        (A) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        After a 13-year ban on the sale of fireworks in Beijing, Kang Guoliang, 51, was able to start his old trade again yesterday. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        As a salesman in Xinhui store in Dongcheng District, he is happy about the increasing number of buying fireworks wrapped in red paper — a color standing for happiness and good luck. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        “Fireworks are available for the first time in town for more than a decade,” Kang said happily. “People will buy them.” k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        The store has 300 boxes of fireworks piled up and is open 24 hours at the moment. Residents are buying the fireworks and firecrackers for the upcoming Spring Festival, which falls on February 18. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Citywide, 2,116 registered stores and retailers, 585 in the centre and 1,600 on the outskirts are trading fireworks in the Chinese capital. Sales of fireworks within the Fifth Ring Road started yesterday and will last until March 4, Xinhua reported. Among the stores, 117 stores are permitted to operate 24 hours. About 600,000 boxes of firecrackers worth more than 100 million yuan have been carried to registered stores. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        The Chinese capital began a ban in 1993 to reduce fireworks-related deaths and fires during the holiday season. Last September the ban was removed in response to residents’ fondness for fireworks when celebrating Spring Festival. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        According to new rules, Beijing residents are allowed to set off fireworks within the Fifth Ring Road all day on Lunar New Year’s Eve and Lunar New Year’s day, from 7 a.m. to midnight every day from February 19 to March 4. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        “Spring Festival without fireworks is not Spring Festival,” said Sheng Hefei, who was buying fireworks in the store. “It was fun to light the firecrackers when I was little,” he said. “The sound and view of fireworks make a real holiday.” However, not all residents welcome the return of firecrackers because of injuries, pollution and noise. “My child is scared of the sudden sound of firecrackers, and it is annoying to hear it all night long,” complained Lu Jun, a local resident. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        (China Daily 02/11/2007) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        36. What’s the main idea of the passage? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. Beijing fireworks sales start after a 13-year ban. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. People go to buy fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. Beijing residents welcome the return of firecrackers. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. Many stores began to sell fireworks and firecrackers. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        37. How many days will the sales of fireworks last? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. 14 days. B. 12 days. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. 16 days. D. 23 days. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        38. We can learn from the passage that ____________. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. every Spring Festival falls on February 18 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. Beijing residents can set off fireworks everywhere k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. fireworks are allowed to be sold because people like them. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. from February 19 to March 4, Beijing residents can set off fireworks all day k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        39. What is the writer’s attitude towards the sales of fireworks in Beijing? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. Negative B. Not mentioned k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. Positive D. Satisfactory k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        (B) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        People will soon cool their homes with power from the burning desert sun. Deserts are becoming hot spots for solar thermal (热的) power in which futuristic troughs (低谷期) pay more attention to the sun's rays and create steam to run power-producing turbines (涡轮机) at power plants. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Tiny experimental plants built in the 1980s in California ran into problems when energy prices dropped. But as oil, natural gas and electricity costs soar, companies are racing to build commercial solar thermal plants that are the size of power plants. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Limits on emissions (释放) of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels have also promoted the new technology. Utah-based International Automated Systems Inc. signed an agreement to build a $150 million, 100-megawatt power plant for Solar Renewable Energy in Nevada. And North Carolina-based Solargenix will break ground on a 64 MW, $100 million solar thermal plant called Nevada Solar One. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Currently, all the types of solar energy provide only about 1 percent of U. S. power. One problem is price. Solar thermal at present costs about 12 to 15 cents per kilowatt hour, Westerholt said, compared with natural gas power which costs 10 cents per KWH. But as production grows, solar companies expect costs to slip to 8 cents per KHW in five years. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Solar thermal is expensive compared with wind energy and fuels. But it does have advantages. Power from the desert sun is more reliable than wind power during the day. And unlike fuels, it has no greenhouse gases. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        And solar thermal is growing globally. A white paper says that by 2040 solar power could satisfy more than 5 percent of the world's electricity demand. The best places for it are Australia, the United States, Spain, the Middle East and North Africa, which could export power from the sun to Europe on high-tech power lines. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        40. How many factors does the passage mention which affect the development of solar thermal power? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. One. B. Two. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. Three. D. Four. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        41. The underlined word “soar” ( in Paragraph 2 ) means ________. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. dropped B. disappeared k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. limited D. increased k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        42. The passage mentioned Solargenix in order to show that _________. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. limits on greenhouse gases can encourage new technologies k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. it will need lots of money to build Solargenix k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. Solargenix was a newly-built plant k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. the solar thermal power has its own promising future k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        43. According to the passage, which of the following energy supplies is more reliable and renewable during the day? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. Wind. B. Oil. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. The sun. D. Coal. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        44. Which of the following will be the best title for the passage? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. The Solar Thermal Power Age Is Coming. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. More Measures Should Be Made for Solar Development. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. Advantages for the Solar Thermal Power. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. Solar Thermal Is Growing Globally. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        (C) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        370 S. Perry St., Denver, Colorado k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Price: $164,500 For sale by: Resale Homes by Owner k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Bedrooms: 3 Bathroom: 1 Garage: 1 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Square Feet: l, 003 Lot Size: 2 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Year Built: — k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        School District: — k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Open House Date: — k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Open House Time: — k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Date Posted: January 21, 2007 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Best value in Denver: This Garden style home is equipped with a grape vine that wraps around the front of the house. There is a small-unfinished basement, attic (阁楼) and an additional room in the garage. It is zoned (划成区域) R2 (two families can live here) and positioned at the back of the double sized lot (plenty of room to build) It is fully landscaped (美化) with sprinkler (洒水装置) system and privacy (独处而不受干扰) fence. It is 5 minutes from downtown. The neighbors are great, and security is good. Viewing anytime. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Home Features: Carpeted Floors ● Dishwasher ● Patio k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Community Features: Public Transportation ● Wheelchair Access k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        36. If one dollar equals 8 Yuan, one square feet equals 0.093 square meters, how much does one square meter of the house cost? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. About 15,140 Yuan. B. About 13,120 Yuan. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. About 13,160 Yuan. D. About 14,150 Yuan. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        37. During summer time, the front of the home may look _________. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. green B. white k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. red D. black k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        38. Which of the following statements about the house is NOT true? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. You will spend extra money to build a room in the garage after buying the house. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. You can have enough room to enlarge your house after you buy it. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. You don’t need to water the plants in the garden by yourself. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. If you buy the house, you can also have the dishwasher and carpet. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        39. What does the “Wheelchair Access” probably mean? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. It’s a kind of sidewalk built for disabled people. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. It’s an entrance to a house built for the disabled people. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. It’s a street built for the disabled people to have a walk. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. It’s a special path for the disabled people to get to the garage. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        (D) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Many people believe the glare from snow causes snow blindness. Yet, with dark glasses or not, they find themselves suffering from headaches and watering eyes, and even snow blindness, when exposed to several hours of “snow light”. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        The United States army has now determined that glare from snow does not cause snow blindness in troops in a snow-covered country. Rather, a man’s eyes often find nothing to focus on in a broad space of snow-covered without-grass land. So his gaze continually moves and jumps back and forth over the entire landscape in search of something to look at. Finding something, hour after hour, the eyes never stop searching and the eyeballs become tired and the eye muscles ache. Nature makes up for this discomfort by producing more and more fluid (液体) which covers the eyeball. The fluid covers the eyeball in increasing quantity until it makes eyes difficult to see clearly, and the result is total, even though for a short time, snow blindness. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        Experiments lead the Army to a simple method of overcoming this problem. Scouts (侦察员) ahead of the troops are trained to shake snow from evergreen bushes, creating a dotted line as they cross completely snow-covered landscape. Even the scouts themselves throw lightweight, dark-colored objects ahead on which they can focus too. The men following can then see something. Their gaze is arrested. Their eyes focus on a bush and having found something to see, stop searching the snow-blanketed landscape. By focusing their attention on one object at a time, the men can cross the snow without becoming hopelessly snow-blind or lost. In this way the problem of crossing a continuous white land is overcome. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        40. To prevent snow blindness caused by the strong light from snow, wearing glasses or not _________. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. depends on whether the snow is white enough k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. makes no difference k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. makes much difference k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. depends on whether the snow is thick k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        41. When the eyes are tired, tears flow out __________. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. to clear the vision k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. to make the eyes stop searching k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. to make the vision unclear k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. to produce more and more liquid k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        42. Snow blindness can be prevented by ___________ k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. moving one’s gaze back and forth k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. walking ahead and keeping looking around k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. making up for the discomfort of one’s eyes k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. providing the eyes with something to focus on k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        43. What is the probable meaning of the underlined part “Their gaze is arrested.”? k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        A. They get something to look at. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B. They can only look at one spot. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        C. Their eyes are clear. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        D. They can’t see freely. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        书面表达 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        比较项目 城 里 人 乡 下 人 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        活动内容 去乡下钓鱼、旅游、远足 进城购物、看电影、听演唱会 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        出行方式 乘车、徒步、骑自行车 乘车 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        目 的 回归自然、放松自己、呼吸新鲜空气、锻炼身体 感受现代生活k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网


        1、 Passage A(Reading) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1. confusing 2. century 3. Britain 4. created 5. similar k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        6. resulted 7. Modern 8. Pronunciation 9. process 10. inventing k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        2、 Passage B(Project) k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1、 differs 2、characters 3、alone 4、represent 5、legend k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        6、simplified 7、drawings 8、standard 9、originally 10、eventually k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        三、Important sentences k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1、consisted of 2、contributed to 3、had an impact on 4、was adopted by 5、what if k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        6、set a standard 7、takes up 8、Not all 9、in that k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        四、Multiple choices k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1-10 BABDB CABDC k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        二.词形转换 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1. reflection 2. confused/confusing, confusion k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        3. conquest/conqueror 4.simple,simplification k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        5. invasion 6. creative, creation k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        7. pronunciation 8. representation , representative k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        9. indication 10.differ, difference k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        【单项填空】 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        1.B。此处的“pick up”意为“逐渐康复”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        2.C。promise这里指“有望……、可望……”,后接不定式。第二空考查“more… than…”结构,意为“与其说……不如说……”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        3.B。be made up of = consist of = be composed of 由……组成。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        4.A。feed意为“饲养、喂养”;raise意为“饲养”,给动物喂食一般用feed。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        5.C。depend on作“取决于”解时,不能用于被动语态中。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        6.B。contain意为“包含”(强调整体涵盖),include意为“包括”,使某物成为整体的一部分,强调内容。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        7.D。as a whole意为“作为一个整体来看”,表示要从事物全貌来看、分析、考虑。on the whole意为“总的说来、大体上”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        8.B。jumped在这里是“上升”的意思,相当于rise。A、C均有一定干扰性,add意思是“增添”,指把某物(数)加到其他物(数)上。raise也有“提高”的意思,但raise是及物动词,因此应该用被动语态。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        9.D。despite“尽管”,后接短语。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        10.D。in a state of … 意为“处于……状态”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        11.A。“which even some native speakers and writers of English find ____”在句中是定语从句,先行词words在从句中作find的宾语。此处是“find + 名词 +现在分词”构成的find复合宾语。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        12.C。contribute to意为“是……的原因之一”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        13.D。the standard of living是习惯表达,意为“生活水平”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        14.A。虽然这四个词均可用it作形式主语,但根据语境,A项最佳,意为“碰巧我身上没有附富余的钱”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        15.B。in that意为“在于、因为”。k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网

        16.B。根据第二段Eastwood has won four Oscars可知已获得四次;再结合golden statuette。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        17.A。根据本句的主谓宾结构可知。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        18.C。分析结构可知,此空为非谓语动词,不能选A;加之four Oscars与其的主谓关系。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        19.A。be regarded as是短语。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        20.B。纵观全文“同一时代”最为适宜。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        21.D。根据one of…可判断出应用最高级。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        22.C。根据第一段第一句可知答案。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        23.D。根据上下文的film-maker与director可知,他从事大众传媒工作;the表类别。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        24.C。此处要认真分析清楚两个动词之间的关系。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        25.C。 a large audience意为“很多观众”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        26.A。根据本空与skills的关系用上下文可知,应是“值得称赞的”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        47.D。根据结构分析可知此处应为定语从句且作主语,所以不能选A、C两项;加之先行词被an修饰,只能用that。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        28.A。such…as意为“像……那样的”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        29.B。根据前文1993’s Unforgiven and 2005’s Million Dollar Baby可知答案。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        30.A。此空可根据上下文推知。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        31.A。根据第—段可知。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        32.A。根据片名可知。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        33.C。根据后文的Iwo Jima 及历史知识可知。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        34.B。competitor意为“竞争者”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        35.D。根据空前is set可知应为非谓语动词表将来。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        36.A。本文是一篇新闻,主题出现在第—段。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        37.D。根据第五段Sales of fireworks within the Fifth Ring Road started yesterday and will last until March 4和篇尾China Daily 02/11/2007得知时间是从2月10日至3月4日,又因为2月份共28天,因此是23天。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        38.C。根据第六段第二句得知。A错在Every Spring Festival;B错在everywhere,应该是:within the Fifth Ring Road;D错在all day,应该是:from 7 am to midnight every day from February 19 to March 4。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        39.B。这是一道判断态度题。作者只是客观地介绍了北京市民的态度,并没有阐明自己的态度。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        B篇主要是讲了随着油价的上升和对于温室气体的排放的限制,这不断激励着对于太阳能这一新技术的开发。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        40.B。文章主要是提到了油价、天然气价格提高(成本提高)和对于温室气体的排放量的限制。因此,总共是两个原因。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        41.D。由第二段第一、二句话可知,当油气的价格升高时,物价也就上升,从而成本提高,人们就会转向太阳能等可再利用的能源。反而,就会充分利用油气能源。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        42.A。由文章第三段可知,下面所举的两个例子是为了阐述本段第一句话的观点的。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        43.C。由文章的第五段可知。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        44.A。本文主要是讲了随着油价的上升和对于温室气体的排放的限制,这不断激励着对于太阳能这一新技术的开发。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        36.D。计算过程为:(164,500×8)÷ (0093×1,003)≈14.150。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        37.A。依据是“This Garden style home is equipped with ...”,葡萄藤爬满房子正面,到了夏天当然看上去是绿油油的。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        38.A。A项错在车库里的小房间是已经存在的:B项的依据是该房子的宅基地其实是供两所房子用的(“Lot Size:2”/“double sized lot”),当然扩建空间很足;C项的依据是花园用的是自动喷灌系统;D项的洗碗机和地毯是作为“房屋特色”列入广告中的,自然是属于房屋的一部分。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        39.B。结合生活常识应该能够判断“access”的意思是“通道,人口”,“wheelchair access”即是指专供残疾人使用的“无障碍通道”,如医院和公共场所所铺设的无台阶、斜坡型、可供轮椅出入的通道。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        40.B。第一段第二句“Yet, with dark glasses or not…”提到戴不戴眼镜都会产生“雪盲”的症状,如头疼,流泪甚至雪盲。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        41.C。第二段结尾部分“... makes eyes difficult to see clearly ...”说此时泪水流出来充满眼眶,眼睛看不清,导致雪盲。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        42.D。第三段提到的侦察兵的做法告诉我们,雪盲的产生是因为在雪地里眼睛找不到具体目标,由于寻找不到看的物体才产生雪盲。人们就将灌木上的雪去掉,扔一些深色物体,其目的是D项所言内容。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        43.A。画线句子后面说“眼睛盯着灌木,找到东西可看”,故选A。arrest意为“逮捕”、“抑制”。 k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        One possible version: k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        As time goes on, both city people and country people have a lot of free time. They have different ways to spend their weekends. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        After a stressful week of hard work, city people would like to go to the country and return to nature. They go fishing or traveling into the country while some go hiking into the country. Some people go to the country by car or by bike while others go on foot. They went to relax themselves, breathe fresh air and do exercise in the open air. k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网
        On the other hand, country people will drive into cities for shopping. They will see films or go to concerts on weekends. Country people want to perceive modern city life in this way.k2b中国德育网,中小学德育网


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